Husk Up - 'Flower Medley'

Huskup® is a reusable coffee cup made from rice husk, not plastic. What's rice husk? it's the outer hull of the rice grain, a natural and robust material that is commonly burnt in the fields creating pollution. We have turned this natural waste material into the huskup reusable coffee cup.

We love using the natural biodegradable rice husk for our huskup cups because there's no melamine, bpa or toxins. No nasties leaching into your drink so it's safe to reheat your coffee in the microwave and load in the dishwasher too.

If your tea, coffee or chocolate is too hot to handle we include a reusable, recyclable silicone sleeve. We have teamed up with like-minded independent artists to create original & environmentally friendly great looking products.


Dishwasher safe
0% plastic
Bisphenol free
Durable and long lasting


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