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Edgar looks over his shoulder mischievously at you from the front of this white china teapot, while his signature butterfly loops the loop around the lid. As a seasoned (almost veteran) tea drinker, Emma is keen to endorse the perfect pour that this teapot boasts. However she would also like to point out those 6 cups, are in fact tea cups, if like her you drink tea by the mug (or three); it may be useful to know that this lovely pot makes 4 generous mugs full with a little left over for a cheeky top up!

Fine bone china
Hand decorated and finished in Staffordshire.
16cm tall
Dishwasher safe

Whilst our china is dishwasher and microwave safe, we feel that it often benefits from a bit of TLC.

We find a gentle wash in warm soapy water, followed by a rub dry with one of our equally lovely British made tea towels, is a much kinder way to look after fine china.

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