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A range of cards by mother/daughter team, Lauren's Cows is an award winning artwork and homeware business renowned for our characterful portraits of cows guaranteed to bring a smile. Founded in 2012 Lauren's Cows has grown and grown with our contemporary images of cows in homes and shops worldwide. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products all made here in the UK. If you are a cow lover we hope you will enjoy meeting the Lauren's Cows herd members. If you are not - you soon will be! Why cows? This is Lauren's answer to that question. "For me its all about the personality. Cows have such a curious nature that I just love. If I'm not in my studio you'll find me gallavanting around the fields getting muddy with the cows. Its all very well buying a piece of art to match your sofa but when it's something that makes you smile day after day - That's priceless'

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