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Following several decades away from art having become a College Geography teacher, Elizabeth found herself fighting Lyme Disease. Although still badly affected, Elizabeth found solace and hope in her surroundings, starting off with a small raised bed of cottage garden flowers. The healing nature of flowers, open space and photography became her focus over decades of slow recovery.

Her teenage dream of doing nothing but drawing and painting began to come true when she moved to the pretty village of Croston, Lancashire where the scenery, architecture and wildlife have provided a plethora of visual opportunities to develop her love of all three through art.

Becoming a beekeeper and rare breed bantam owner have provided her with an additional focus with her cottage garden remaining her main haven when recovering.
Specialising in oil pastels and watercolours with ink, Elizabeth revels in the surrounding built environment and wildlife she sees on her short walks and her localised paintings and drawings have become popular as people have realised the importance of the outdoors post COVID.

Seeing a demand for her work during Lockdown, she decided to name her small business The Clever Hare after reading the children’s book. It resonated with her situation as the moral of the story is that the mind can overcome pressure/strength when you are physically weaker. This shows that being disabled doesn’t mean you are not able to produce art if you think laterally around your limitations.

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