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Designer Lorna Syson founded her studio in 2009 and is now based in Cockpit Arts, South East London. Her bird fabric and bird wallpaper designs draw on her childhood in Warwickshire, holidays in Cornwall, and country walks with her dog, Jenkins, to create her uplifting nature-inspired patterns. The designs transport the viewer to witness the world through Lorna’s lens and invite them to find the beauty overlooked in their everyday.

Camera in hand, she captures fleeting moments; bees collecting nectar, birds foraging for seeds. These memories inspire illustrations and patterns drawn by hand and on the computer, created in Lorna’s signature style, often using a silhouette technique to produce dynamic, contemporary shapes that give wonderful depth.

Working from our London studio, Lorna is supported by a small team, including Jenkins (the studio dog). They work closely together creating the designs, working on colours and giving the best customer service possible.

With an emphasis on quality and integrity, Lorna is proud to work with British manufacturers across the UK, from Lancashire to Kent, partnering directly with skilled craftspeople to produce high-quality products and never compromising on quality. Lorna recognises the importance of long-lasting products that are good value; you won’t find better. Lorna and her team live, breathe, and love what they do.