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Naomi Sisson

We are lucky to have on board 'Naomi Sisson' as our new and exceptional designer. Based in a small village in the Midlands, two years ago Naomi spent most of the summer painting the entire interior of her family home with the help of a few very kind friends. As well as giving their home a much-needed refresh it also helped her realise her love for homemaking and the value of creating a place of rest both physically and spiritually. 

When it came to the finishing touches, Naomi loved looking out for a few unique pieces to add warmth and character to her home interior. With her background and experience in textile design, Naomi felt inspired to explore creating her own range of designer fabric, furniture and accessories for the home.

Seed Home Designs is the end result of exploring her own creativity and gaining a deeper connection with her spirituality through drawing, sharing and designing both on her own and with other friends who are also pursuing their own creative dreams.

We hope you enjoy Naomi's work as much as she has, when creating it!